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Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018

Dear Friend,

If you're reading this letter, you must love orchids. If you're lucky enough to own an orchid and it's still alive– you're probably curious how to keep it alive, get it to grow and bloom every year.

Let's face it - orchids are fussy plants. Or are they?

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Maybe they've just got a bad rap because those of us who love them, want to keep how really easy it is to care for them, a secret.

It's funny how so many people are intimidated by these plants - how much water do they need? How much sunlight? When does it need to be repotted?

I'm never asked questions like these about common houseplants, like ferns.

After all, how could something that looks so exotic, with such delicate flowers, be easy to keep, you ask? It's simple and I'm going to prove it to you!

The book is called: "ORCHIDS TO BRAG ABOUT" and it's filled with easy-to-understand tips that answer many of the questions I've been asked over the years. You have got to CHECK OUT the Table of Contents! See? It's for real!


Kim Thompson in Colorado Springs, CO, had this to say...

“I didn't even know what kind of orchid I had – never mind how to take care of it. This book answered all my questions – it was easy to understand, with tips that really work. I've recently added three more orchids to my collection!”

You see, I didn't know anything about growing orchids when I was given my first one over 10 years ago. My grandmother took a vacation to Maui and she actually hid an orchid in her carry-on bag and brought it back to me in Connecticut.

That was my very first experience with an orchid and that's when my lifelong fascination with this tropical plant began.

Here's Why You Can Believe What I Say!

First of all
I've owned countless varieties of orchids in all shapes and sizes

I've also lived in 4 different states from New England to the
Deep South – all the while, keeping my orchids alive.

And, Finally
I learned this stuff the hard way – by reading loads of books
on orchids, going to orchid flower shows, visiting orchid
greenhouses and asking all kinds of questions from people
who were “experts” at growing orchids.

I listened to a lot of advice and tried a lot of suggestions
– some worked, some didn't.

I even began to experiment with a few of my own ideas – some worked, some didn't. A couple of years ago, I began coaching my friends on how to grow their orchids. Once they began having success with their plants, I decided to share my tips with more orchid-lovers by making books like this available.

I'll not lie to you – all of my orchids aren't still alive – I've definitely been challenged by them, but the rewards I feel when I get one to re-bloom or send up a new leaf is worth all the work. You don't need to face the challenges I've already mastered!

Ready to brag about YOUR orchids?

The “Orchids To Brag About” book will answer many of your questions in both words and colorful photographs, like:

What do you do with an orchid once it's done blooming?

When and how often do you repot an orchid?

How much do I water my orchid?

How do you get an orchid to bloom, even if it hasn't bloomed for years?

How long do orchids last?

How often do you fertilize an orchid?

And much more! See for yourself, CLICK HERE!

Listen to what another satisfied customer says!

Randi Hutchinson, near Austin, TX, wrote...

“I was ready to throw my orchid out because it hadn't bloomed in three years. Then I read this book, followed the blooming suggestions for the type of orchid I have and now my orchid blooms every year – just like it's supposed to.”

If you love orchids and want to get really good at growing them and getting them to bloom, you've got to get this book!

"Grow & maintain

- even if you've never owned one before!"

Heard enough? Ready to start learning?

You will discover the secrets that make the more complicated techniques about growing orchids very simple, for example:

What potting medium do you use for your specific orchid?

How much humidity do orchids need?

How can you get multiple varieties of orchids to grow in the same environment?

What is the proper method to prune your orchid?

And much more! Just take a look at the Table of Contents!

After reading this book, you'll swear you have a green thumb when it comes to growing your orchids!

Kelly K., Stowe, VT, says...

“This is the only book you'll need on how to grow orchids – once I started following the suggestions, new leaf stalks were shooting up, the root system went crazy and my orchid is ready to bloom!”

Plus, you'll also be able to diagnose the most common pests that prey on orchids and learn how to banish them from your orchid plants.

More importantly, this book will explain how to take preventative measures to ensure your orchid does not become infested in the first place. You'll learn how to spot certain orchid diseases and learn what to do if your plant gets one of them.

You'll come back to this book over and over again! With nearly 75 pages and many full-color photographs, it's a must have for beginners and experts alike!

Ready to start growing lush, healthy orchids today?

How much would you be willing to pay for the confidence of knowing you're doing the very best you can for your Orchids? What is it worth for you to know today that tomorrow your orchids will continue to be healthy and happy?

If you could avoid frustration and disappointment and
enjoy pride and pleasure, would you pay just $27.99?

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Sadly, orchid lovers have brought me diseased or dying plants they certainly spent more than that on!

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I'm that confident you'll love the book!

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Wishing you much growing and blooming success with your orchids.


John McKenzie

P.S. If you're on the fence, I'd like to encourage you to buy "Orchids To Brag About". With a guarantee like this, you have nothing to lose! Give the book a try and see if it's not all I've said and more.

I know you'll be so pleased with this informative collection of facts, tips and real solutions for your orchid plants. Just take a look at the the TABLE OF CONTENTS!

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